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Your tax-deductible contributions allow the Socrates Institute to create and disseminate high-quality educational materials in schools and on the Internet.

Contribution levels are:

Friend - ($0 - $500)
Friends are given recognition in our literature and on our website

Silver - ($500 - $1,999)
Silver Sponsors are given recognition in our literature and a link on our website from The Sponsorís Page.

Gold - ($2,000-$14,999)
Gold Sponsors receive notification of special events, invitations to receptions, space at openings, recognition in our literature, their logo and a link on our website from The Sponsorís Page.

Platinum - ($15,000-$99,999)
Platinum Sponsors may provide a speaker at any of our events and can expect us to offer speakers at theirs.

Platinum sponsors will also receive invitations to special events, receptions, space at openings, logo recognition in our literature, and their logo and a link on our website from The Sponsorís Page.

Major Benefactor - ($100,000+)
Major benefactors will have their logo (and link) placed on all pages of our web site. The logo will appear above the fold on the home page, and at the bottom of every page thereafter. Their logo and slogan will appear on Socrates publications, banner displays, invitations and mailings.

Major benefactors will also receive center tables and the opportunity to speak at special events, receptions, and openings.

Major benefactors will have the opportunity to make supportive statements both verbally and in print for special events (e.g. "This event [or publication] is brought to you by XYZ.").

Other privileges may be provided upon request and by board authorization.



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