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Escape from Romania to 9/11

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Based on the true story of brothers, friends, and a spy from behind the Iron Curtain, here are men whose one dream is to escape a life of persecution, Communism, and hopelessness by emigrating to the United States. They run under gunfire from Romania into Yugoslavia, hide in trains, and walk over mountains risking their lives in hopes of finding the mythical land of freedom called "America," paved in gold, with central heating.

Most of them make it, arriving in Chicago or New York to a place they'd never accurately imagined and little understood. So here, as narrated in an immigrant's own simple English, Teodor takes you on his youthful journey from Eastern Europe to the East Coast, from a life of rusted pitchforks to personal video cameras. Then on 9/11, his world literally crumbling down around him, he must decide what is to become of his great American dreams.

"You captured the essence of life's lessons through characters and events that include humor, hope, faith, and love.  The story zigzags cultural and geographic boundaries in a thoughtful look into their multi-cultural lives. The descriptions of the fire station were great, and technical aspects were accurate.  Anna surely would have been a good firefighter; I'd take her on my crew anytime. She was serious about her role and image, but still willing to cut up with the guys when appropriate. I felt it was me when she jumped off the kitchen counter! All probies [probational firefighters] should take their jobs as seriously."

- Evalynne Williams, Retired Engineer, Santa Rosa Fire Department

"Winston Churchill called certain moments, "hinges of history" -- when the entire world swings wildly in an unexpected direction. The devastating attack on New York's World Trade Center was such a moment. But as this charming and insightful book illustrates, the event was not only an assault on America, but upon American ideals and dreams -- dreams shared by thousands of hopeful immigrants determined to defend their new lives against any form of tyranny. "Escape From Romania to 9/11" reminds us that life can take sudden turns when we least expect it, and the best we can do is hang on and enjoy the ride while we can."

- Burl Burlingame, Honolulu Star-Advertiser

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