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"Dr. Mary Radnofsky has made many contributions to the children and schools of the Alexandria community through her Socrates Institute programs…She has helped create an environment of excitement and enthusiasm for learning among all students, regardless of their backgrounds or handicapping conditions."
- Brian J. Moran
Delegate, State Legislature of
the Commonwealth of Virginia

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of endorsement for the innovative and ethical work of The Socrates Institute and more specifically Dr. Mary Radnofsky. As a children's author I have worked with The Socrates Institute and the creation of educational curricula for Pre K thru 12th grade. The work produced by Dr. Radnofsky was creative, positive, compassionate and exacting in the lessons of fair play and kindness as tools to help our children understand how their actions impact others.

It is no surprise to learn that Dr. Radnofsky would endeavor to affect a broader market and educate kids to the dangers of cybercrime. She has taken complete responsibility by her actions and the creation of the CyberEthics Project to help our children learn ethics and trust as tools for successful, productive lives. More than ever our society needs to support her efforts as we all gain in a brighter future.
Sylvia C. Pennywell, Founder
Silver Grace Hope Foundation

"I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Dr. Mary Radnofsky… We can all benefit from such innovative programs for children as she has devised, and, more important, from reaching out to support each other, as she has encouraged both schools and businesses to do."
- Kerry Donley
Former Mayor of Alexandria

"As a "first-responder" to technical catastrophes, we see every week the damage and waste that are associated with the unethical propagation of viruses and other exploits.… That is why we are so supportive of the CyberEthics Project at the Socrates Institute. While we expend our efforts preventing and resolving problems one client at a time, Mary Radnofsky proposes a program that will combat this unethical behavior before it becomes a problem. By teaching students how to use the Internet and its resources responsibly and ethically, the CyberEthics Project can have a profound social impact across several generations of technology users."
- Jeff Greenspan
DBLS (Database & LAN Solutions)

The Socrates Institute's CyberEthics Project is the best educational program I have seen attempting to teach the ethics, safety, and security measures needed regarding Internet and other technological advances. Our peace of mind hinges on the success of such programs, and I would like to see this project meet its goals.
Basile Lemba
Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc

"The CyberEthics Project you have outlined for lower, middle, and high school students could not come at a better time….Your institute’s project can be a strong force in teaching youth the ethical and proper way to acquire and use that digital information."
Patrick M. O'Brien,
Director of Libraries, City of Alexandria

"Dr. Mary Radnofsky might not be what most think of as the "typical" cybercrime fighter. She doesn’t spend her days designing firewalls, or puzzling out ever-more-sophisticated data-encryption strategies. But she may soon be at the forefront of the battle, nonetheless."
University of Maryland University College FYI Online,
March 2004



CyberEthics Project

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