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May 13, 2004
Video Script Highlights Juvenile Cybercrimes

March, 2004
Focus on Faculty: Mary Radnofsky

November 7, 2003
Educator pushes cyber-law curriculum for schools

April 21, 2000
QuinTango's Greatest Rhythms Now Include Alexandria, Virginia

April 5, 2000
QuinTango's Greatest Rhythms From the Americas to Europe

March 23, 2000
Alexandria, VA. Community section of the Gazette. Photo of Jim Moran with murals

March 13, 2000
Congressman Moran meets PHES principal Baldanza & Socrates' Radnofsky

March 8, 2000
Congressman Jim Moran will meet with citizens and view 8x12-foot "Vision" mural

April 15, 1999
Alexandria, VA. Visions and Inventions: Solving Problems Across Cultures

March 30, 1999
Caen, France. Mary the American Advises Schools: Ste. Marie & Bosnières

March 16, 1999
Helsingborg, Sweden. She inspires the Fredriksdal school students

March 6, 1999
Richmond, VA. Tech professor criticizes use of SOLs/ opens education talks

October 17, 1998
Alexndria, VA. French, Swedish, & US teachers attend Socrates workshop

June 15, 1998
Alexandria, VA. Socrates president finalizes Vision plans

June 3, 1998
Caen, France. US-French exchange program launched


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